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This is a creative, role play based network

for girls with magical alter egos to share

there artwork, stories and other creations.

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New Madoka series considered after 3rd movie

Not only did Gen Urobuchi reveal that they are considering more films but a whole new tv series as well

read more about it here

This is a wonderful website, you should all check it out

Link for the lazy

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this is a gift for the lovely noodle-pop! <3 it’s her beautiful oc, noodle-hime~~         。◕ ‿ ◕。

Omgosh thank you so much, who are you, you’re amazing ; A ;
Welcoming new magical girl Frainyan

Magical girl profile

By day: Frainy

By night: Frainyan

Age: It’s a secret! im 20

Interests: Drawing, decoden, collecting stickers and anime figurines and dancing

Colour theme: Purple and pink

Personality: A shy girl, but really opens up when she gets to know people. Being part cat means she enjoys sleeping, playing and eating, although her favourite thing to eat is lollipops!

mylifeisdigital answered your question: Whos your favourite magical girl?

I dont know if you would count her as magical, but Saint Tail. She did a lot of unexplained magic tricks she learned from her dad.

Saint tail definitely counts and i love the idea of a ‘mysterious thief’ magical girl. It’s such an original idea and i’d definitely recommend it

Drachea Rannak used to make beautiful sailor concepts, this is one of my personal favorites ‘Sailor Lottie’ from The Princess and The Frog
He also designed the artwork for the sailor dress up game on doll divine
Unfortunately he was forced to leave Deviant art due to a copyright accusation but you can still find some of his work here

Doodled Noodle-Hime in this today. I couldn’t color it besides giving it a purple/pink hue since my stuff is all in a storage unit. I hope you all like it, especially you Noodle-Hime! <3

Who’s your favourite magical girl?

There are so many different magical girls from different anime and manga with varying personalities and styles. I’d love to know who your favorites are?